It’s a classic example of how mockups, often a tool of marketing and branding, can also be a powerful tool in the hands of fans.

The NFL’s official website for 2017 has a new section titled “The NFL Mockups.”

The first item on the page, which features mockups of teams, players, and stadiums, is an updated version of the 2017 New Orleans Saints logo, which was released in 2019.

The updated logo features more blue and gold color, a more prominent logo and a darker shade of blue.

The new logo also includes the words “NFL” in red letters.

The redesigned logo, released in 2018, features a more rounded shape and a more colorful, blueish background.

The logo has not changed in the past two years.

In the new version, a red stripe runs along the top of the logo and is more prominent on the lower right of the top.

The redesigned logo is more prominently featured in the front.

The logo is still in use.

In the 2018 version, the logo was more of a “generic” logo that didn’t reflect the new look of the NFL, but this year it is a more distinct symbol of the league.

The 2017 version was more a reflection of the new NFL uniforms, which were more prominent and visually striking than the NFL logo.

The updated logo is much more recognizable and stands out more in a crowd.

The redesign also shows the league logo on the back of the helmet.

In 2018, the redesigned logo was a clear representation of the New Orleans Pelicans, the team that plays at the Louisiana Memorial Coliseum.

In 2018, it was a distinct “generic logo” that didn.

The Saints logo has changed as well, however, with a red outline on the right side.

The 2019 version was a more recognizable logo that did not include a “S” in the middle of the “P.”

The 2017 logo is the same logo that was used in the 2018 season.

The 2017 logo was also more prominent than the 2018 logo, and featured a more visible red outline around the logo.

In this photo taken by the New York Times on Jan. 1, 2019, New Orleans’ logo, the 2017 logo and the 2018 one, are displayed on a screen as the logo of the Louisiana Football Conference is displayed in the center.

The 2018 logo was similar to the 2019 logo, though it featured a white circle around the top and a red line on the bottom.

The 2019 logo was white and featured more lines around the bottom and top.

The New Orleans logo, as seen in this photo by the Associated Press, was unveiled Jan. 9, 2019.

In both versions of the 2019 and 2018 logos, the vertical lines around each “S,” a dot in the lower left, and the “S-dot” in a lower right corner are also present.

In both versions, the lettering and letters in the “O” in “NFL,” and the line in the upper right corner, are visible.

In this photo from Feb. 6, 2019 the line at the top is in white, while the line near the bottom is in blue.

The two logo variations for 2019 were more similar in their design, according to the New England Patriots website.

In 2019, the “s” on the logo has a smaller size than it did in the logo for the 2018 year.

It was still larger than it was in 2017, according, which is when the logo debuted.

In 2020, the design of the letter “E” is smaller than it is in 2019 and in 2021, the letters “I” and “O,” both smaller than they were in the 2017 year.

In 2021, “O.E.” is smaller and in 2022, the line “O.” is also smaller.

The “S”-dot on the 2019 design is now smaller than the “R” on 2017.

The letters “T” and the lines “T.” are also smaller in 2020.

In 2024, the shape of the line that runs from the top left corner of the jersey to the bottom right corner of its collar has changed, according the New Mexico State Department of Sports and Tourism.

The line was shorter and had a more “flat” shape, while in 2021 the line was longer and had more “thick” lines.

In 2017, the horizontal lines around “R.” were smaller, according a photo by The Associated Press.

In 2016, the New Jersey Devils logo was shorter than in 2019, according photos from The New York Post and the Boston Globe.

The team logo has also changed.

The crest on the helmet has become a blue circle with an orange “P” instead of a white “N” in 2019 as it was when the team debuted in 2018.

The blue line on both sides of the crest has been redesigned to show a yellow circle, which also shows a white line, the same shape as the “N.”

The 2018 crest featured a yellow triangle that was