4/20/2017 – 4:00:38 The secret to making your Facebook content clickworthy, worth scrolling through and sharing, is simple.

But the best ways to do that, it turns out, are to focus on making your posts look as engaging as possible, and to use images as a powerful storytelling tool.

As we all know, photos can make or break a post.

They’re powerful and have an impact.

And the more you can tell your audience what’s important, the more engaging they will be.

Here’s what to look for in your photos.


Use as many images as possible 2.

Use them wisely 3.

Keep them simple 4.

Make them simple and clear 5.

Use the right background color 6.

Use captions and descriptions 7.

Use a simple and consistent layout 8.

Make sure the subject line and body text are in English 10.

Use an attractive headline 11.

Keep your photos from getting blurred by other content on the page 12.

Make it easy to find what you need on your Facebook profile 13.

Choose photos that are easily readable and easy to share 14.

Use images that don’t get blurred by your friends 15.

Keep images that are well-lit in contrast to other images 16.

Don’t use static images 17.

Use background-only images to make them stand out in your images and keep your content clear 18.

Choose your images with a clear, descriptive caption, and a caption that’s easy to read 19.

Use high-resolution photos that you can easily read on a computer screen 20.

Make your images easy to edit and share with friends and family 21.

Use good quality photos in your header and footer to make your posts stand out.


Facebook’s Timeline has its own unique way of sorting and sorting out the most popular posts.

The system uses the “top stories” and “top comments” lists to help sort the top stories.

But it also has its share of “bumpers,” which are smaller posts that aren’t visible to the rest of the timeline.

This is an area where your photos really need to shine.

But these are not your average posts.

They have to stand out and grab your attention, and the best way to do this is by using images that really stand out when they’re posted.

You’ll want to make sure your photos are simple and to the point, and that they have the right caption, body text, and title.

The best way you can do this, of course, is to use high-res images that can easily be read on an HD screen.

So we’ll start with the easiest and most common way to make a post look great: use images that get your audience talking.

To do this right, you should think about the type of image that your audience wants to see.

The type of photo you’re showing them, then, is the one that you’re going to be using.

And while it’s not necessary that you create all your own photos, it’s a good idea to make use of some of the best ones on the market.

You can make this sort of decision when choosing your photo from a wide range of social media platforms.

Some platforms have a “photo by the day” feature where you can see what you’re doing and what your photos look like in real time.

These photos have different sizes and styles, and it’s easy for your audience to see what’s happening.

Facebook, for example, lets you choose your own photo, and then lets you share it directly to your followers.

Facebook photo tags Facebook photo tag You can also create your own custom tags on Facebook’s photo tag.

These tags are similar to Facebook’s own “tags” that you see on your posts.

Like your own posts, they allow you to add more information to your post without having to go through the Facebook app itself.

Facebook lets you set up these tags on your account.

But you’ll want them to be as clear as possible to get them to work with your photos, so that your users can see them.

Here are some examples of the tags that you’ll need to use: “Photo by the Day” Tag: This is the tag that your photo appears in your feed and which will be displayed next to the post in the “Featured Photos” section.

You want it to look like your post has just been featured on Facebook, and not the same image that was posted previously.

“Featured photos” tag: This tag is used in the photos section of your post.

The photo is typically shared in the comments section of the post, but you can also post it directly into your Facebook page.

You might want to include a link to your photo on your page so that others can see it too.

“Photos” tag (optional): This tag should be left blank in order for your photo to be displayed on your own page.

It will be shared on your profile page in the form of a photo, so it will appear in the top