Movie and TV star Gangnam Style has hit the big screens in the UK, with the film set to open in the U.K. on Sunday, February 17.

The film, directed by Lee Kwang Soo, follows the story of a group of young Korean-Americans who were recruited by the American rapper Snoop Dogg to make a movie about their country’s famous gangster rapper, YG.YG, was known for his gangster-style style.

The title of the film is “Boom Boom,” a reference to the rapper’s catchy song “Bombs Away,” and the title of YG’s third solo album, “Habitual,” is a reference on the song “Gangsta Rap.”

The film was directed by Chris Moore, who is also the screenwriter and producer of the “Girlfriends” franchise.

The release date of “Bombo Boom” is unclear, but the U-K.

release date for the film has been confirmed to be February 17, which is also when YG and his gang will be performing in front of the U,K.


The U.S. and other major countries have been releasing their own versions of Yg’s hit songs, which have been released in more than 60 countries around the world.

“Gentleman” was released on the U.-K.

soundtrack in February 2016.