Apple is currently at a high in the Billboard chart with the release of its first album “The One” this week.

Billboard released the chart this morning with the top 20 song of the week.

This week’s chart shows the top 10 tracks on the Billboard charts with the highest chart position.

This is a list of the Top 10 tracks from the Billboard Music Chart.

The first 10 tracks are:

One by One (feat.

Nicki Minaj) – 4,945,000 (1,947,000,000)2) 2 Minutes – 3,739,0003) 3 Minutes (feat) Drake – 2,824,0004) One by one (feat.)

– 2.737,0005) A.D. – 2 million6) A$$hole – 2nd verse – 2million7) All of the Lights – 2m735,0008) Back to the Future – 2M734,0009) Back on track – 2 M734K) Back up – 2K731,00010) Back again – 2k729,000