On January 25, 2017, Billboard posted a photo of an iPhone billboard with a message that reads: “Papa don’t care.”

The caption reads: “This is our favorite billboard of 2017.

We’ve been waiting to show the billboard from our new album, Papa Don’t Cate.”

The album is titled “Pappa Don’t Worry, We’re Not Coming to Your Wedding.”

It is the first album from the trio to be released under the label, and the first to be exclusively available digitally.

Papa didn’t care is the title track from the album.

In the song, which features guest appearances from Jeezy, J. Cole, and Young Thug, he says “You don’t really care” to his new girlfriend.

“I’m from L.A., but you don’t want me to get married.

I’m from Queens.

You don’t know me.

I don’t even know you.””

I know you love me, and I love you,” he continues.

“But I know you don.

You know it’s true.”

The Billboard article also noted that the album is “about family.”

The billboard is a part of the Billboard Latino Project, a collaboration between the Latino Cultural Center, the National Latino Media Association, and Billboard Latino.

In an interview with Billboard, Nino Sanchez, the president of the National Hispanic Media Association (NINJA), explained that the billboard was meant to celebrate the diversity of the Latino community.

“It was very much about celebrating Latino culture and culture and people of color,” Sanchez said.

“We’re all trying to find our place in this country and be part of a society that’s welcoming to everyone.

This is a way for us to honor and recognize our Latino heritage.”