The billboard in Sydney, Australia, has become an internet sensation after a series of social media posts by an Australian woman.

The billboard, which features a picture of a blonde woman with blonde hair, has attracted the attention of hundreds of people on Instagram and Twitter.

“Brandy, where’s my b****?” the billboard asks.

“Where’s my bikini?”

“Where is my f***ing b****!?”

“I think this is a f***in b****.”

The billboard was created by the Australian-born artist and writer Brandy McLean and her husband, Nathan, with the intention of creating a new type of advertising, she said.

“It’s kind of like a marketing strategy, it’s a social media campaign, it tells people that they can come here and see the brand they’re looking for,” she said of the billboard.

“There’s no branding at all.

I don’t even have any pictures on it.

It’s all just my own words.”

The couple first conceived the idea for the billboard as a way to help promote their business, the McLean Family Foundation, after their two children were diagnosed with autism.

“I knew the opportunity for us to have a billboard that we could put up was going to be huge, so I just said ‘why not make a billboard?’ and that’s how it began,” Ms McLean said.

The couple said the billboard, called Brandy’s B****, was inspired by a viral photograph of a woman with a blonde hair and blue eyes that sparked their curiosity about the condition.

“We’re kind of interested in understanding and we’re looking to the future and how we can do something for kids with autism,” Ms McDana said.

Mr McLean also said that the billboard had become an opportunity for them to talk about the autism spectrum disorder, which affects about 2.3 million people in Australia.

“My kids were like ‘oh my god I’m so proud of you’,” he said.

“I was like ‘well, what can we do for kids like you?'”

The billboard is now up for sale on a website called ‘Brandy’sB****’ and the couple is also selling a line of clothing and accessories featuring their likeness.

The McLeans said the popularity of the advertising campaign has inspired them to start a website dedicated to educating the public about autism and other mental health issues.

“The world is going crazy about it and we want to make sure that it’s not just a big marketing thing, it is an awareness thing,” Mr McLean explained.