How to Read Billboard 200 Charts and Charts for Movie, Music, and Advertising Ads article 1.

Where to start?

The chart is organized into 3 categories.

The first category is the chart’s name.

The second is the title of the chart, which is often the title or summary of the movie, song, or advertisement.

The last is the number of the song, video, or ad. 2.

Where can I find the chart?

You can find the Billboard 200 chart at


How many songs are on the Billboard Billboard 200?

The Billboard 200 includes Billboard’s top 100 most popular albums, as well as its top 20 most-streamed albums.

It also includes Billboard 200 albums that have been certified gold.

The Billboard charts are updated daily.

The most recent chart is listed below.

January 2018: 1.

“The Hills Have Eyes” (Drake), 2.

“Panda” (Bridgit Mendler), 3.

“I Am the Best” (Katy Perry), 4.

“No Limit” (Ariana Grande), 5.

“Don’t Be Cruel” (Justin Timberlake), 6.

“Blame” (Alessia Cara), 7.

“Lionheart” (Nicki Minaj), 8.

“Songs for My Heart” (J Balvin), 9.

“Lovely Rita” (Halsey), 10.

“Grateful” (Miley Cyrus), 11.

“Run” (Lil Jon), 12.

“Million Reasons” (Sia), 13.

“Say It Ain’t So” (R.

Kelly), 14.

“You Should Be Happy” (Kanye West), 15.

“A Seat at the Table” (Eminem), 16.

“Just Say Yes” (John Legend), 17.

“Take Care” (Michael Bublé), 18.

“One Last Time” (Oasis), 19.

“Dance” (Nas), 20.

“Shake It Off” (Coldplay), 21.

“Bark” (Troye Sivan), 22.

“Tight” (James Blake), 23.

“Call Me Maybe” (Cheryl), 24.

“All That I Want” (The Killers), 25.

“Come On” (Gwen Stefani), 26.

“Wake Up” (Christina Aguilera), 27.

“In the Lonely Hour” (Beyoncé), 28.

“Good Girls Don’t Cry” (Paramore), 29.

“Be Alright” (Taylor Swift), 30.

“How Far I’ll Go” (Pink), 31.

“Hold Me Tight” (Billy Joel), 32.

“My Way” (Radiohead), 33.

“Summertime” (Carly Rae Jepsen), 34.

“Break” (Pierce Brosnan), 35.

“Let It Go”, 36.

“Black and Blue” (U2), 37.

“For Emma” (Elton John), 38.

“Everything Changes” (Lady Gaga), 39.

“New Rules” (Sam Smith), 40.

“She Will” (Aloe Blacc), 41.

“Do You Feel Like a Woman” (Julia Holter), 42.

“Can’t Feel My Face” (Claire Danes), 43.

“Never Forget You” (Emmylou Harris), 44.

“Lost” (Nicole Kidman), 45.

“Every Breath You Take” (Becky G), 46.

“Hands” (Selena Gomez), 47.

“What Do You Mean” (Fergie), 48.

“When the Sun Goes Down” (Ed Sheeran), 49.

“Closer” (Bruce Springsteen), 50.

“Rise” (Wu-Tang Clan), 51.

“Dreams” (Mariah Carey), 52.

“It Takes a Nation of Millions” (Pearl Jam), 53.

“Cakewalk” (Robbie Williams), 54.

“Walk This Way”/”Breathe” (Little Mix), 55.

“If You Wanna Live Forever” (Vince Staples), 56.

“This Is the Way”/”One” (Britney Spears), 57.

“Stay” (St. Vincent), 58.

“Bad Things Happen” (Van Halen), 59.

“Something Just Like This” (Stevie Wonder), 60.

“Give Me a Reason” (Linkin Park), 61.

“Get Lucky” (Frank Ocean), 62.

“Hard Times” (Iggy Pop), 63.

“Foolish Heart”/”Fool” (Neil Young), 64.

“So Long” (Paul McCartney), 65.

“Burn” (Jay-Z), 66.

“Chill Out” (Bob Marley), 67. “Heartbeat