A billboard for sale has been put up in Brisbane, to mark the 20th anniversary of Calvin Klein’s seminal ad campaign.

Key points:The billboard will be up in Westfield, South Brisbane, Lidcombe and Westcote from April 15 to April 24It is the second Calvin Klein advertising campaign in Queensland to be featured in the stateThe billboard for the 20 years anniversary of the campaign, called ‘I Want My Way,’ will be placed at Westcoke Shopping Centre, North BowenStreet, in Brisbane’s north.

The billboard features a photograph of a man with his arms outstretched.

The ad, which featured a series of iconic photos of celebrities, was one of the most successful advertising campaigns in Queensland in recent history.

Its iconic image became synonymous with the iconic style, as well as a popular theme of a woman with her arms out.

The billboards were installed on March 24 and April 15.

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