The billboard in Spain is advertising a new game called Lil Wayne and his Gang.

The game features Lil Wayne, the rapper, singing about “the love” of his wife Lil’ Kim, and the lyrics are very specific to Lil Wayne: “Lil Wayne, I love you / I love your wife, Lil’ Lil’ B.”

The billboard is located in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

We checked the location in Spain and found that it’s a part of the city of Barcelona.

So, let’s get the map and find the billboard location.

It’s a good idea to find a map in a way that allows you to see it on your phone.

Google Maps lets you do this by adding a map marker that shows you where the location of a map is, and a bar chart for the area you want to look at.

Google maps also shows the location and elevation for each map point.

The bar chart allows you, as an artist, to draw a bar line across your map so that you can see the locations of all the points.

We’re going to do the same thing.

Open Google Maps and tap the map marker to show you the map.

This will give you a list of points.

Tap one of them to get a map.

The first point on the map is called “Lembo”.

Tap it to show your location.

This point is located at a little-known location, in the town of La Barra, in northern Spain.

La Barrera is the name of the town in which Lil Wayne lives.

It also has the word “Barrios” in the name.

Click on the name and you’ll see the bar chart.

This bar chart shows you a bar, which is a circle that shows a distance from the center.

This is the bar line that is shown on the bar in the bar map.

Tap the circle to see where the point is.

This way you can tell if you’re closer or further away from the point.

When you’re about two or three miles away, you’re probably in the right place.

If you’re at the bar of the bar, you probably can’t see the point as well.

To get the most out of the map, you should zoom in on the center of the circle and make sure that the bars are on the same level.

You should see the entire bar line on the top right of the chart.

When the bars of the bars line up in a line, you can look at the top of the circles, but you’ll have to go to the bottom and look at it again.

You’ll get an idea of the elevation of the point and where the line is.

You can zoom in further to see the area that is closest to the bar.

Tap on the bottom of the line to zoom in and see the exact location of the points, which should be on the left side of the page.

If it looks like the point might be on your right side, you need to zoom out to the top and look up at the map to see what it looks similar to.

Tap to zoom back in.

It will show you a map showing you the exact position of the dots.

There should be three dots, one at each end.

You don’t need to know how to draw the dots, but this should be enough.

Tap any one of the three dots and it should bring up a map of the entire map.

If there are any dots that are not connected, you might be looking at the same point in different places.

You could be looking in the exact same place, but with different heights, or with the same height, or not at all.

Here’s the bar charts for La Barrá and Barra.

Tap anywhere on the two maps to zoom.

You’re going a bit further in this example.

You might have to zoom a little bit more to see all the dots and see where they are.

Tap two dots to see them all.

Tap them all to zoom into one point.

Tap another dot to zoom to another point.

You are now going to zoom up to the other side of La Bordea and zoom back out again.

When this happens, you’ll be at the point that you saw the dots on the Barra map.

You won’t be able to see any of the other dots.

When all the other points are zoomed in, you will see the same bar that is at the end of the Barreras map.

We also took a look at a bar graph for La Barrera.

You want to zoom around the bar and see if it’s there.

Tap at the bottom.

This time, the bar is on the right side of your map.

To see the bars that are right and left of it, click at the other end.

Tap three dots at the edge of the graph to zoom it in.

Tap a dot at the right end of it