The Billboard 100 list of the year’s best new songs has a lot of big names.

Here’s what’s trending on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify Plus.1.

“Warmth” from The Flaming Lips (Rochester, NY: T-Bone Burnett)A collaboration between The Flamin’ Lips and the indie-rock trio The Flamed Lips, “Wet” (from their upcoming sophomore album) is one of the most emotive songs on the list.

“I think there’s some people who love to be angry,” frontman Travis Barker said of the song, which was written about a life in Rochester, NY.

“There’s a lot more people who feel a little bit of that.”

The Flams’ song is now the most downloaded song on Spotify.2.

“Blackout” from Black Eyed Peas (San Francisco: Lighthouse Records)The song has become a staple of Black Eyeds concerts since debuting at the 2014 SXSW Music Festival.

“It’s about the fact that you feel the world is against you,” frontman Josh Homme said.

“You feel like you’re on a black hole and all you can see is a blackness and nothing else.

It’s the most uplifting song we’ve written.”3.

“Paint It Black” from Pink (Seattle: Capitol Records)When the song was first released on Pink’s debut album, it was considered a smash.

“A great song, but a little over the top,” the band told Billboard.

The song has been a top hit for the band since.4.

“Shake It Up” from TLC (San Diego: Loma Vista Records)TLC has been on top of the charts for years with their catchy hits and catchy songs, but their latest track, “Shove It Up,” has gotten some new fans.

“They put a new spin on some of our best songs,” singer/guitarist Billy Corgan said.

The new song is available on Spotify and is now available for download on Apple Music.5.

“Molly” from Sturgill Simpson (Austin, TX: Sturgil Simmons)”Molly,” from St. Vincent, is another song with an explosive chorus.

“When you’re in a place, and you’re alone and you have no idea what’s going on around you, you want to make your own space to be vulnerable and free,” Simpson said.

This track was a surprise hit on the pop-rock radio station Beats 1, and the singer/songwriter is now working on new material.6.

“The Only Way” from Blink 182 (Los Angeles: Blink 182)”The Only World” is Blink 182’s first single since 2015’s “Bad Religion.”

The band said it wanted to write a song about “the constant feeling of being in a different state,” which has led to some new songs.7.

“Loving You” from the Runaways (Los Gatos, CA: Lava Records)”Loving you is a song we wrote about a friend who’s just fallen in love,” Runaways singer/bassist Josh Homieczk said.

Homiecki said the song is “about finding happiness in the midst of so much pain.”8.

“Can’t Take It with Me” from Justin Bieber (Cleveland, OH: Imagine Dragons)Justin Bieber’s “Can I Take It With Me” has become an unofficial anthem of the Summer.

It has been covered by bands like the Beach Boys, The Smiths, and many more.

“If we’re all in the same place, then we should all love each other,” singer Taylor Swift said on the song.9.

“Take It Back” from Bruno Mars (New York: Universal Music)”Take It Away” is a cover of the classic R&B song “All the Way Up.”

It’s currently streaming on Spotify for free.10.

“What If” from Drake (San Jose, CA)”What If,” from Drake’s latest album, “Hotline Bling,” is a new hit for Drake.

The track is available for free on Spotify as well as on Apple’s App Store.11.

“Love Me Harder” from Adele (London: EMI)”Love Me Better” from “Adele” is one the most popular songs on YouTube.

Drake said the track was written with his “adults in mind.”

The video for the song has also received positive reviews.12.

“Justify” from Taylor Swift (Los Feliz, CA): Taylor Swift’s new album, Swift, is coming out in July.

“Nothing about it has changed,” Taylor Swift told Billboard, adding that she had never heard of the track before.

“But now that I’ve heard it, I think it’s just one of those songs that is such an empowering song that you need to keep