Taylor Swift has announced that her new album, This Is It, will open with a new album.

The announcement comes after months of speculation about the project, and comes after a new report claimed Swift would be dropping an album by herself in 2017.

“I have a feeling that I will not be dropping this album by myself, because I am confident that I can get better.

I think it will be better,” Swift said in a statement.

Swift will make the announcement live at the New York City Armory on Friday (March 3) at 8 p.m.


“This is the last album we’ve ever recorded,” Swift continued.

“It was a labor of love.

I love this music and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported it.”

“I am very excited about this new album,” Swift added.

“In my mind, it is the best album that I’ve ever written.

I’m so grateful for the fans who have supported me so far.”

The announcement follows a string of recent news surrounding the singer.

Last week, Swift revealed that she was suffering from “a little bit of depression,” and that she “wants to be a better person.”

She has been in the spotlight lately for her ongoing relationship with fellow musician Taylor Lautner.

Lautners marriage to ex-husband David Guetta was announced on Sunday, and a source told TMZ that Lauters husband, actor James Franco, will be taking a leave of absence from the pair.

On Wednesday, Swift announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

“As a mom, I know how hard it is to stay true to yourself, and I know what it’s like to be caught in a moment of doubt, and the pain of not being able to see your baby grow and grow and learn and grow,” she said.

“But I have a new hope.

I have an idea of what this life will be like when I am finally in it.”

Swift, who has not released an album since 2015’s The Louvre Sessions, has been touring for her new record.

She recently opened a concert in New York, where she revealed that the performance will include a special performance for her baby.

“So, you know, this is going to be the last time we play in New Jersey,” Swift told the crowd.

“We’re going to have to do it in New Orleans.”

Swift is currently in Los Angeles, California for her world tour.

The singer announced on Thursday (March 4) that she would be releasing a single, “New,” on March 8.