Posted March 06, 2018 11:16:33 The bidding war for the coveted Jungle Law billboard in Perth has begun.

The giant billboard will be up and running for the first time in February 2018.

The billboard will feature a large image of a smiling, smiling Perth, with a caption reading “Welcome to Perth”.

The billboard has attracted fierce competition from a number of local companies, but it seems to be the one company that really has the most to lose.

The sign has attracted a lot of criticism for its low prices and the fact that the billboards are located in the suburbs of Perth.

The company, which also has a similar billboard on the Swan River, has come under fire for the low prices of the billboard.

On the internet, some users have argued that the low price is just a ploy to attract a new tenant.

“They’re not doing this for Perth anymore, they’re doing this to attract the highest bidder,” said one user on the Australian Consumer Action Network forum.

“People who have been here for years are still willing to pay a lot more, but you don’t get the best service for the price.”

“The Jungle Law billboards are the only thing standing between Perth and the next generation of Perth’s population, a future of affordable housing,” said another user.

The local advertising agency, AAD, which has been involved in the bidding war, said that the billboard was being sold by a “new company”.

“It’s a one-off, a one off for the company that is bidding,” a spokesperson for the agency said.

“The company that has been bidding for this billboard is known for low-cost advertising and their brand image is synonymous with affordable housing.”

“They are selling this for the cost of a billboard, which is a bit of a low bar for a company that does a lot.”

We’re very disappointed and we’ve made the same point about the sign a couple of years ago.

“The billboard, a two-metre-tall billboard, was erected in the mid-1980s and was paid for by the Australian Taxpayers’ Federation (ATF).

The billboard was later bought by the Perth Council for $4.6 million and now stands in front of a city centre park, where it is displayed with a sign reading “We’re All Perth”.

It is the second major Perth billboard to be auctioned off this year.

“It is an iconic landmark that has served the city well for decades.” “

There is no doubt that the Perth billboard is the largest of its kind and is the one that has stood out the most,” said AAD’s head of advertising Peter Lapp.

“It is an iconic landmark that has served the city well for decades.”

The Perth billboard was constructed in 1982 and is owned by the local advertising firm, the AAD Group.

The Perth Domain council owns the billboard and it is owned and managed by the City of Perth, while the City has the right to dispose of it.

The council has also used the billboard to promote its own businesses and events, including a music festival in Perth.

In the past, the billboard has been used to promote a range of events including the Perth Freestyle Championships and a major rugby tournament.

The billboards were constructed using recycled materials including bamboo and plywood.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is one of the world’s biggest cities.

The signs have become an iconic sight in the state, with Perth attracting tourists and residents from all over the world.

They are one of only a few Perth landmarks that are still standing, and are a popular tourist attraction.

The Canberra City Council recently put up a sign outside the Domain Council building, telling visitors “You can buy the Perth Banner.”

Perth has had its fair share of controversy over its affordable housing policies, including one billboard that was criticised by local residents who claimed that it was a direct reference to the area’s notorious drug scene.

AAD also has another billboard, the former Domain Council sign, which will be sold by another company.

The Domain Council has not yet responded to requests for comment.

“We think the auction will provide an opportunity to highlight the issues that Perth has to deal with as a local community, especially the recent rise in the drug market,” said the spokesperson for AAD.

“This will also help to further educate local stakeholders about what they need to do to support affordable housing and how they can do so.”

The Domain Council has also been criticised for the way it has used its $4 million bid for the billboard, and it was also criticised for having a sign advertising a local sporting event.

“In its bid for this marquee, the Domain Couth Council has chosen to use a billboard from an old billboard,” said a spokesperson from the council.

“Not only is this a blatant reference to drug use in the area, but also to the fact the Domain council has had to deal directly with this billboard for decades, which was created as part