Gats by Gats Bygots the billboard, the movie-themed one. 

And it’s coming back! 

Gatsby will be making a comeback this weekend. 

“The movie is still coming back, but it will be on a different time slot,” an insider tells The Hollywood Reporter. 

The original, the first film, debuted in theaters on March 16, 1968. 

In the original version, Gats is a struggling actor who makes his fortune in a film business and is in love with a woman. 

But the movie was pulled after Gats’ wife, Mary Ann (Michelle Williams), gets a fatal heart attack. 

Gets, meanwhile, is a young and naive young man, a character who was created for a very specific reason. 

He is a gatherer who can pick up small objects and carry them to places where they’re needed, a character that was meant to be the film’s villain. 

It was originally intended to be a comedic twist on the classic gatherers tale of a young boy who finds a big tree and goes to pick it up. 

After the movie, Gaps wife, Gilda (Dawn Marie), leaves the family home, and Gats finds himself in a new role, a goner. 

This new role has Gats having to make the tough decisions to live a double life and make his mark on his hometown. 

There’s more to it than that, too. 

Some of the plot elements from the original movie have been recycled in the remake. 

So Gats has a new love interest, a new girlfriend, a whole new set of enemies and obstacles, and he’s not the only one who’s in trouble. 

With the new time slot, the sequel will also be able to keep up with the other films in the series. 

However, Gads wife, the mother of his kids, is still alive and will be the focus of the story. 

That will be a big part of the movie’s appeal. 

For Gats fans, it’s the beginning of the end. 

Will they love it? 

Will it kill them? 

Or will they embrace it as a new beginning? 

I have to admit, I was intrigued by the first Gats movie when I saw it in theaters. 

I loved it for its unique characters and the humor that made the movie so entertaining. 

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy it much after I finished the first one.

Gats is the sequel to the movie that started it all, Gates by Gaws. 

You can catch Gats in theaters starting on May 18, 2019, the same day as Gats, which will also see the return of the original film. 

Check out the trailer below: