There’s a lot to be excited about in the UK billboard space, especially as the first new billboard in the country since the Brexit vote.

For one, it’s not the first in the region, as the world’s first mobile billboard has appeared in the last few months.

This year, billboarding has taken a back seat to mobile advertising, which is seeing a huge growth in popularity across the globe.

As such, Dua’s billboard for British airplay is going to be a major hit, especially when it arrives in England.

This particular billboard is located in East London, but Dua is also using it as an inspiration for a new UK campaign.

“The billboard has become a symbol of UK airplay and we are keen to continue this tradition of showing the UK,” the billboard’s artist, Simon Dyer, said in a press release.

“It’s a beautiful, unique piece of advertising and we’ve spent many hours with it to ensure it reflects the country we are.

We’ve also created a range of stickers and branded t-shirts to showcase the UK as an air play destination.”

This isn’t the first time Dua has used billboards in the past.

The company’s previous billboard, which was a small part of a wider campaign, was also used to promote the mobile app DuaLipa.

This is the first billboard that will be featured on the mobile apps, which the company hopes will make people want to sign up for Dua apps as well.

“When people start signing up for a Dua app, they can start using the billboard to get a visual representation of the size of the market they’re in,” Dyer said.

The billboard itself will be a “medium-size billboard with a range” of colors, and there will be several different options for people to choose from to show their loyalty to the company.

There are also plenty of stickers to give away to people who sign up.

“Signing up is the easiest way to show that you love us and support us,” Dyrs added.

Dua also has a new ad campaign on the way for the launch of its new app in the United Kingdom.

The new Dua billboards will be displayed at the entrance of the National Stadium in London, and a brand new Duas ad will be shown at the same venue.

You can find more information about the new billboards and Duas mobile app at the company’s official website.