Lady Gaga has been getting the big Super Bowl ad spenders to give her money for the next two weeks.

Lady Gaga, of course, is one of the biggest stars in the history of the game.

However, she’s been getting a lot of flack for her super-sized spending, which has led to some negative press for the ads.

However one billboard in particular has earned her $50 million to date.

It’s an advertisement for a brand of shampoo.

The ad shows Lady Gaga holding up a bottle of the product and, with a cute, hand-written caption, the word “BATH.”

Lady Gaga and her team are hoping for more big money, so she’s made sure the advertisement is a success.

The Super Bowl advertising budget was estimated at $6 million, according to the Advertising Research Group.

According to Forbes, the ad earned a gross profit of $3.8 million.

Lady Gaga is going to be able to spend that money for a good while, according her manager, David Madden.

“She’s a big woman.

And she’s also very driven,” he said.

“So she’ll probably be spending a lot over the next couple of weeks.”

The ad’s success will give Lady Gaga some more money to spend.

The ad has received more than 1.7 million views on YouTube, and more than 20 million views have been viewed on her YouTube channel.

That’s about 4 million views for each ad, according the Advertising Bureau of Research.

The Lady Gaga Super Bowl campaign has been going on since last summer, when Lady Gaga began promoting her new album, American Woman.

Lady Gaga’s new song, “Lipstick,” was released earlier this month.

It will air during the game on Sunday.

The video for the new song has been viewed more than 2 million times, according Lady Gaga.

Thats more than half of Lady Gagoas video on YouTube.