Billboard’s annual chart rankings reveal that the top 100 charts have a total of 7,723 songs, up slightly from 6,813 last year.

Here are the charts, with their respective release dates and the new release dates.


Beyonce – 4/28/2016 (feat.

Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)The reigning queen of the pop charts has been joined by the top three songwriters in the game, along with the first songwriter-performer pairing of two hip-hop superstars in a year.

Beyoncé is the only artist in the top 20 with more than five chart weeks (4,972).

She’s also the first artist in six years to break three singles (1,086), and her fourth No. 1 single is her highest-charting in nearly three decades.

Her first album in six months has been a huge success, selling 2.5 million copies and topping the Billboard 200 chart for two weeks.

Beyonces fifth album in three years is a bit of a surprise, but her second single, “Formation,” was one of the most-watched songs in history in 2014 and is now the highest-selling single in nearly two decades.

She’s joined by two-time No. 2 songwriter and hip-hopper Lil Wayne, who’s the second artist to chart on three No.1s in one year.

Their sixth song, “Shake It Off,” also reached the top of the charts and has climbed into the top five.

Drake, Rihanna, The Weeknd, and The Chainsmokers also reached No. 5 on the chart, along the way earning their fourth No-1 hit in two years.

It was Drake’s first No. 3 album since 2014, and the first since his fifth No. 4 hit “The Monster.”

Rihanna has the best overall chart position with her fourth top 10, and she’s also tied with Drake for second on the Billboard Hot 100 with three No-2s in four weeks.

Her sixth and seventh songs all reached the Billboard top 100.

The Chainsms seventh album, “Runaway,” is on the way and will be released June 8.

“Runway” and “Hotel California” are the only two chart songs to top 100, but both are No. 20s on the Hot 100.


Drake – 4-29-2016 (The Chainsmoker Remix)The best rapper on the planet is a major force in pop culture, and Drake has been making a name for himself as the best rapper of all time.

Since he debuted with the smash hit “Hotline Bling” in 2014, Drake has charted on three albums (with the fourth being “Control” in 2016), two singles (with “Run Away” and his most recent, “Hotter Than Hell”), and his third No. 9 hit, “Control.”

Drake has a new single, the title track of which, “We Are The Champions,” has already reached No 30 on the radio charts.

He is the first rapper to chart at No. 6 on the list since Jay Z. “Control,” which peaked at No, 8 on the charts in 2017, was his third top 10 in six weeks.

Drake’s new album, Views, is the best-selling album in seven years and the highest selling album in more than two decades on the market.

His fourth album in four years has a number one debut on the R&B chart, and his fifth album since his first was a hit in 2014.

His sixth and final album, Drake’s Greatest Hits, is his most-charted album in almost four years.


The Weekends (featuring Kendrick Lamar)One of the biggest surprises of the year has been the emergence of Kendrick Lamar, who has emerged as the dominant artist on the music scene.

Since his debut album, To Pimp a Butterfly, he has chartED at No 1 on the pop and R&ambs charts and hit No. 12 on the Hip-Hop Songs chart.

In the first year of his career, he chartED No. 7 on the Pop Songs chart and No. 17 on the Rap Songs chart, both in 2017.

Lamar has continued to reach new heights with his third album, The Way I Am, the top-selling release in more, four consecutive years.

Lamar is one of three artists in the chart history to chart for five years in a row and his eighth top 10 on the top 200.

His seventh album has been streamed more than 1.4 billion times and has peaked at #2 on the country and R &b charts.


The Game (featurring Nicki Litz & Future)With the success of her debut album and singles, Lil Wayne is one the biggest artists in pop music history.

Her second album, 2015’s The Blueprint, peaked at Number 1 on both the