Wap billboard 2020 was unveiled in Shanghai last week and will be the official billboard of the digital currency.

It is a great step forward for BTS, as it was the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency to be launched in China.

Wap is one of the first companies to announce the use of blockchain technology to create a new kind of advertising product.

The new billboard is expected to feature images of the band, its members, and its logo.

According to a press release, the billboard will include images from the band’s official music videos, as well as exclusive interviews with members, including vocalist Joon Hyeong, guitarist Jung Jin, and drummer Lee Seok-ah.

The billboard will also feature an image of the BTS logo, which was first used by the group in a 2014 video for the song “I Love You”.

It was designed by Joon and Lee, and will also include the logo of the group’s digital currency, BTS.

Wap is using the blockchain to build a new way of advertising.

The billboard is not the first such product to be announced.

In December 2016, the Chinese Ministry of Culture unveiled a new online platform called BTS-L, which will allow users to advertise their brands on BTS’ official social media.

BTS also recently announced a blockchain-enabled app called BTT.

Although Wap and BTS are only two of the companies in the space, they are definitely taking the blockchain one step further.

They are also one of only a few companies in China that have launched their own blockchain-focused advertising platform.

In fact, BTT has already garnered over 1 million daily active users.

The BTS Billboard 2020 is expected by the end of 2020.

BTS will continue to announce and promote blockchain-powered advertising products in the future.

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Images via Wap, Bts, and BTT