Katy Perry is a powerful artist who has become a household name thanks to her viral video for her hit single “Bad Blood.”

It was a momentous moment for a young woman who, at just 25 years old, was already making a name for herself in the music industry.

Her debut video went viral, racking up over 50 million views.

The video sparked a wave of praise for Perry, who became a household-name superstar in her own right.

The Billboard Icon, as it’s called, is one of many Katy Perry iconos around the world.

The term is used to describe any billboard, billboards and television ads featuring Katy Perry.

For many artists, the term represents a great deal of inspiration and creativity, not to mention a means of social and cultural outreach.

Katy Perry, however, is not a household brand.

The artist is an artist who is not only known for her talents as a singer and songwriter, but also for her boldness, boldness of style, bold personality and bold style.

As the “New York Magazine” reported earlier this year, Katy Perry began to use the term “New Billboard Icon” in reference to herself as she was beginning to take a step towards becoming a global pop superstar.

As she was already a household celebrity in her home state of Texas, Perry became the subject of a national media circus.

Perry has since become a global phenomenon.

In recent years, she has been nominated for a Golden Globe, a Grammy Award, and has also been featured in multiple magazine covers.

In the past year, Perry has also garnered awards from the Grammy Awards and the Oscars, becoming the first woman to win the coveted Oscar for best actress.

In fact, in her career, Katy has won an Emmy Award, two MTV Video Music Awards and a number of Billboard Music Awards.

In 2016, she also became the first artist to win a Grammy, which is the most prestigious award in music and music-related media.

It’s been a tumultuous year for Perry.

The pop star announced on Twitter in February that she would be going on maternity leave.

Perry went on maternity-leave on July 4, 2017.

On June 22, she announced she would no longer perform concerts and would no long be a member of the band Future.

As Katy Perry announced her maternity leave, she shared a photo on Instagram with a caption that read: “I’m not going to be performing anymore, but I am going to love doing it all again, I just don’t know when I’m going to get back to being a mom.”

Despite her maternity-care announcement, Katy continues to be a powerful performer and songstress.

In April, she released her second solo album, which was her first album released in over a decade.

She has also had a long and successful career as an artist.

Katy is the first female artist to ever achieve the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, the top-selling artist in the United States, and her Billboard Music Award is the highest honor for a female artist.

As a result, Katy is now the youngest artist to be nominated for an Oscar, the highest honors for a woman in the history of the Academy Awards.

It is also the first time a female Academy Award winner has been the recipient of a Grammy.

Katy has also become a symbol of women empowerment, especially for women who are struggling to be seen and heard in the mainstream.

Katy and her family have been extremely supportive of the Billboard Icon program.

Katy even created a fund to raise money for the billboard icon.

In May, the Billboard Network announced that Katy Perry would host a fundraiser for the Billboard Billboard Icon in the spring.

The new Billboard Icon is an extremely popular, beautiful and bold icon that has been designed to reflect the beauty of the artist and her passion for art and the artists she inspires.

The Billboard Icon features the artist’s face, and features a large, bright yellow circle that represents the artist.

In addition to the bright yellow, the artist also has a bold red circle in the center of the icon that represents her career and her vision for the future.

The billboard icon has been on display at various locations across the country and throughout the world since its unveiling on April 26.

The billboard icon is also an iconic symbol for the Katy Perry movement, which began in 2015 when the singer announced her intention to become an artist in order to pay off her debt to her father, who had died of cancer a year earlier.

The Katy Perry phenomenon and the Billboard icon have become inseparable, and Katy Perry has become an icon of the movement that started the Katy Perks of Fame.

The artist, who is currently working on a second album with the Future imprint, has said that she is working on new artwork to represent the Billboard Artist Icon, but the first artwork has yet to be unveiled.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine in May, Katy said that the