By now you may have heard about the news that John Legend will be debuting his new album Blip in the United Kingdom.

The album is due to drop on February 13, with Spotify offering a Spotify bundle that will include all three of Legend’s albums on the platform.

Spotify has a long history of launching music releases in the US, and the company recently announced that it will launch the Spotify Music Unlimited service in the country in January.

This week, Spotify will also launch a Spotify Music Premium subscription service in Germany, which will cost €8.99 ($11.90).

Spotify Music will be available in other European markets as well, and will cost an additional €14.99 per month to unlock.

It will be a great move for Spotify, as the streaming giant has had a very difficult time attracting US music fans to its service.

Spotify currently has more than 150 million subscribers in the U.S. and more than 20 million subscribers worldwide.

Spotify plans to open up a new US streaming service in 2017, with plans to eventually launch in other markets in the future.

Spotify’s plans to bring the Blip album to Spotify in other countries are great news for artists, but it’s worth noting that Spotify does not have any plans to launch a UK streaming service as well.

Spotify Music is one of Spotify’s most popular streaming services, and has over a billion active users in the world.

Spotify also recently launched a new music subscription service called Spotify Premium, which costs $9.99/month to access.

Spotify is not the only music streaming service looking to offer streaming in the British market.

In August, Amazon Prime Music launched in the English-speaking world with plans for a streaming service to launch in 2018.

Spotify already has streaming in some European markets, but Spotify is aiming to expand the service to the UK.

Spotify hopes that the Blips album will help it to gain new listeners, as streaming has been slow for Spotify in recent years.

Spotify, like most other music streaming services in the digital age, has had difficulty attracting American fans to the service.

Despite Spotify having over 1 billion subscribers worldwide, Spotify is still not popular in the American market, and it’s not clear if Spotify is a priority for American audiences.

Spotify does have plans to introduce streaming in Canada, though.

Spotify recently announced a streaming music subscription that will cost $15.99.

Spotify will offer streaming and other services in Canada on January 12, with the subscription offering to end on February 19.

Spotify wants to bring streaming to Canada in the coming years, and plans to offer Spotify Premium in Canada as well at a similar price.

Spotify and Apple are the only streaming services that Spotify has announced in the past few years that will launch in Canada.

Spotify debuted in the European market in December 2017, and Spotify has recently expanded its streaming service offerings in the EU with plans of expanding into more countries.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says that Spotify is looking to launch streaming services and music in other parts of the world in the near future.

In the future, Spotify plans on introducing streaming services for the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, and Austria.

Spotify still needs to convince the music industry to invest in its streaming services.

Spotify needs to find new ways to bring in new listeners to the Spotify streaming service.

If Spotify is going to launch its streaming in other places, it will need to get the music business to spend money on it.

Spotify may also have to spend more money on advertising.

Spotify launched in October of 2017 with a limited number of free songs to download and listen to, and music industry leaders have said that Spotify may need to expand its music offerings in order to attract new subscribers.

Spotify might need to pay more to advertise its streaming music service, as its music is relatively expensive.

Spotify says that it’s going to focus on expanding its streaming, advertising, and promotion in the next year, but there is still a lot to be done.

Spotify music subscription costs $19.99 a month and is available to Spotify’s 200 million paying subscribers.