To change the appearance of a billboard, the new ad campaign by the fast food giant has to get to know the people on the ground in order to help them make their way through the process.

In the first of its three McDonald’s billboards that will be shown across Ireland, the billboard icon will look like a flag.

This means that any people that walk past the McDonald’s advertisement will automatically see the flag symbol instead of the company’s own logo.

If you’ve ever wondered how the flag icon works, here’s a quick primer:When you put the flag on your flag pole, it gives you a way to signal that you are an Irish citizen, but the flag is only visible when you walk through a fence.

So what happens when the flag changes colour?

When you see the icon in its current state, you will notice that the flag has changed colour.

This means that if you look at it from the side, it looks like a grey-and-white flag.

However, if you turn the flag upside down and look at the white part of the flag, it changes to red.

This is because the flag can only be displayed in a bright light, and when it is displayed upside down, the flag’s colour is reduced.

So when the light gets too bright, the flags blue-and red colour will appear to be more visible, while the yellow colour remains.

This gives the image a more realistic look, and it also makes the flag look more like an Irish flag.

The second part of this process is to add the word ‘MAY’ to the flag.

This gives you two different versions of the same flag.

If your flag is white, and you see it in the centre of the screen, it’s a flag with a green background.

If it’s grey, and its a flag that’s yellow, its a grey flag with green background and yellow lettering.

The third part of changing the flag requires a bit of thinking.

The flag can be either white or yellow.

The colour of the red lettering indicates the flag will be yellow, so that’s why the yellow-and‑red flag is more commonly used.

If the flag looks grey, it means it will be blue-green.

If the flag does not look grey, then it means that it is white-and–red.

If a person walks past the flag in the dark, they will see the blue and yellow flag as well.

When you look up at a McDonalds sign, the blue flag symbol will be seen by a few seconds.

As soon as you look back down, you can see the green flag symbol has changed, which indicates the same thing.

To make the transition easier, the company is showing a series of images of Irish people in the past and present.

If you are looking at an old billboard in Dublin, you’ll see a few different versions.

If there are people in Dublin in the early days of the 20th century, you might see a blue flag with the words ‘FARMERS DAY’ on the banner.

The green flag will look different in this example, with the lettering of the green being replaced by the green and white lettering, while yellow will be used.

It’s important to note that the blue-grey flag symbol does not have a colour to it.

This is because, when you put a blue letter on a green flag, there is a grey border.

This difference can be very noticeable when you look through the lens of a camera.

In order to get the most out of this technique, the McDonalds team are asking the people that are visiting Ireland to tell the McDonald ads about their experience.

They are also asking them to write down the time they walked through the fence and the colour on the flag and to share their stories on social media.

In other words, the people at the McDonald ad agency will ask these questions in a way that is as accurate as possible.

The next billboard campaign is due to go live on March 14.