Now that Apple has released its latest iPhone and iPad, the company has finally announced that its next-generation phones will also include a new version of its popular billboard system.

Apple’s latest iPhone has a new ad system that’s a bit more user friendly and the system also includes a lot of new features.

In this new ad campaign, for example, the advertising agency Apple created for the iPhone 5S and 5C features an iconic photo of the iPhone logo.

It then switches to the new ad style, with a bright, colorful, colorful background.

It also includes an iPhone logo above the text “iPhone 5S & 5C” in a small box.

The billboard campaign also features a very new way to get around the app, which is a brand new way of showing people the phone in a new way.

Apple is using a new system called “mobile billboards,” which are a new type of advertising that can be created for a mobile phone or tablet and are also available for all Apple devices.

The system has been a long-time feature of the company’s products.

The ad that Apple used for the billboard campaign features a lot more information about the phone.

In this new version, for instance, the phone’s screen and home button are highlighted in a big red circle and a blue line is painted on the screen.

The app icon appears on top of the screen in a different color.

This is the second time that Apple released an iPhone billboard campaign this year.

Last year, the iPhone ad used the same design as its previous billboards.

This year, Apple introduced a new iPhone billboard system that has a lot new features that allow users to easily see the phone, its features, and even its screen size.

The new system also uses the Apple brand on the phone to create a clear image that helps users understand the phone better.

In addition, Apple has added a new feature called “layers,” which is an advertising technique that lets users create ad blocks to display ads on a different section of the phone screen, or on different areas of the display.

The new iPhone ad style is available for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but only the iPhone is now available for the entire iPhone lineup.

This year, iPhones 6S and 6S Plus will be released in August.