The signs for many cities are changing.

In the past few years, some cities have begun using digital signage to let people know they are coming.

Here are some examples.

Canberra City Council said it was updating its sign to include new information in a bid to promote pedestrian safety.

More: The city said it would also offer free bike hire for cyclists on the new streets, to promote safe cycling and to reduce traffic congestion.

In Perth, the city council is testing a mobile billboard to let cyclists know they’re coming.

More details: Brisbane City Council is also testing a digital billboard for pedestrians.

More information: In Adelaide, signs for the city have been modified to give cyclists more information.

A sign in Melbourne says it is “a safe city for cyclists”.

“We are trying to encourage people to walk and cycle around Melbourne,” Mayor Brad Scott said.

“It’s a good time for cycling and a good place to cycle to avoid the city having too many cars and a lot of congestion.

The signs have been installed in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, and Perth. “

I’m a big cyclist, so I think it’s a very positive thing.”

The signs have been installed in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, and Perth.

There are also plans to roll out signs in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide to encourage cyclists to take the road less travelled.

Adelaide city council said it had installed signs for cyclists to help make the city more welcoming.

The signage will also help make sure that cyclists are aware of their right of way.

In Canberra, the signs are being installed for safety reasons.

Police say there are signs in Brisbane and Melbourne for cyclists.

Earlier this month, Melbourne council approved a plan to add a bicycle lane on a busy street.

It said it planned to use a billboard to give drivers a visual reminder of the rules of the road.

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