It is not every day that an artist has the opportunity to make a commercial for one of America’s most popular singers.

But that is exactly what Monica Keys did when she debuted the new Alicia keys ad campaign in Los Angeles last month.

As part of the campaign, Keys stars in a commercial that features her on the cover of Rolling Stone, in a photo that depicts her wearing a gold chain, and in a caption that says, “Alicia Keys’ career is just starting.”

And with the endorsement of Rolling Stones singer, Ronnie Wood, Keys’ role in the ad is also set to explode.

The ad was launched on Dec. 1 in partnership with the American Cancer Society, and it will air in 30 markets in the U.S. and Mexico on Jan. 12.

It also includes the iconic images of Keys and Wood in the studio with the singer, and her new album, The End of the Tour.

Keys’ brand new album was released on Dec 25, just days after she and Wood were spotted in the midst of a whirlwind relationship in Los Angeles on the morning of Dec. 17.

In the ad, Woods is seen with Keys, who he met at a show in Los Angles.

He was dressed in a pink dress with gold trim and a gold necklace, and they looked at each other.

Woods and Keys were photographed in front of a portrait of the singer and the singer’s father, who died from cancer in 2010.

The two then got into a kiss.

Wood, who is now a member of the band Black Keys, is the son of Ronnie Wood Jr., a famous rock and roll singer and guitarist.

The couple have been married since 1993.

The album cover of The End Of The Tour is another one of Keys’ hits.

She wore a gold-colored dress with a diamond necklace and gold chain.

The two then started dancing together in the music video for “Sugar Rush.”

In the video, Woods plays the drums, and he’s also shown with his son and daughter.

Wood and Keys have been together for several years, and she has been seen in several promotional images with them.

In October, Keys appeared in the hit movie, The Last Kiss.

Wood also made headlines last month when he tweeted about his plans to launch his own cosmetics line.

He tweeted that he was launching a new line called “Lights,” which will be made of ingredients that will be sourced from his family.

Keys has a long and distinguished musical career, with songs like “I Need You,” “I’m Just a Little Bit Lonely,” “Dancing in the Dark,” “The Biggest Love,” “You’ve Got It All,” and “I Feel Good.”

Wood and the Rolling Stones are known for their hit singles.