The biggest billboard deal of the year has been the $2.5 billion sale of a 40-foot sign to a company that plans to use it as a location for a future entertainment facility.

A billboard company called DART said it would be able to make the sign for as little as $400,000 a pop, and it will be placed at a major shopping mall in Sydney.

The billboard will feature the company’s slogan, “DART at a glance, our signature logo”.

It will also be used by the company to market the company.DART is a new digital marketing firm based in the United States, but is also based in Sydney, which will be the headquarters for its advertising campaign, which is expected to run in about 20 cities in Australia over the next year.

Dart’s website says the billboard will be visible at the intersection of Market Street and Parliament Street in Sydney’s CBD, and will be positioned at the end of the block, just west of the Sydney Opera House.

It will feature DART’s signature logo and the slogan, DART at an glance, its signature logo.

The new advertising campaign is expected the be released to a wider audience in the coming months.

It comes just weeks after DART announced it would acquire the advertising rights for a billboard at a busy shopping centre in the northern suburbs of Canberra.

Darth Vader has been featured on the billboards in Sydney since late 2016.

The city’s major entertainment industry association said the deal would make DART the largest ad agency in the country, and would help increase its advertising footprint.

“It’s an exciting time for our industry, with our billboard brand in prime position to capture the attention of the broader Australian public and grow our brand into a leading digital agency, with an unmatched portfolio of advertising services to provide our audiences with the ultimate online destination,” association chief executive John McRae said.

The association said DART was already known for its signature billboard campaign, the “Darth Vaders” logo.

Mr McRee said Dart was “the poster child for digital marketing”, and the company had also built a reputation for “high-quality, high-impact, highly branded advertising”.

He said DARD had a global reputation for its creative advertising and marketing campaigns.

“The new DART billboard is a perfect example of DART taking its brand to new heights and positioning it for the future with a high-quality digital platform,” Mr McRue said.

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