— Lincols billboards project, which is set to begin construction this summer, is being built to house a $300 million, 2,400-foot, six-story billboard project by the Oregon-based company Bancor.

The project is part of a new trend to turn major cities around the country into billboards with an emphasis on the region’s unique geography.

The billboards, which will be located in major cities in the West, are expected to be finished by the end of 2019.

The project is one of several billboards that will be built by Bancors Portland-based subsidiary, Bancos Group.

The other major project under construction by the company is the $100 million, two-story building on the east side of downtown Portland.

The billboard project is being planned for a portion of the new Portland City Center mall.

The Lincos will be designed by the Portland-born architects of the famous West Side Story architecture and designed by Bancho, a Portland-native who also designed Portland’s first city center and the new Olympic stadium in South Beach.

The two-acre site was formerly home to the Portland Municipal Airport.

Bancurs project is expected to open this summer.

The Portland city council approved a request from the city for the new Linclos project last month.

City Councilman Greg Moore said he was not aware of any other major billboards project in the area, but the project is certainly something that’s been talked about.

“It’s certainly something I’m looking forward to, if it comes to fruition,” Moore said.