What are some of the best billboards in Las Vegas?

Are they free, cheap or even free for a limited time?

These are the top 10 billboards in the city, ranked from least to most expensive.


Hacienda billboard $4.49 (Las Vegas billboard) This billboard has a very distinctive design and it looks good with its bright colors.

Its also free for an extended period of time.


T-Mobile billboard $2.99 (Las Vegas billboard) This billboard is located at the intersection of I-25 and I-15 and is located on the edge of the Las Vegas Strip.

It has a red, white and blue background and a bright yellow logo.


Vivid billboards $2 (Las Vegas billboard) This billboard has three letters printed on it. 4.

Las Vegas skyline $1.99 This giant billboard is the largest billboard in Las Vegas and is one of the most recognizable in the whole city.


Zilker billboard $1 (Las vegas) The billboard is surrounded by a fence and features a yellow and blue border.


Big Bird billboard $0.99 (Las vegas) Another billboard with a green border, this one has no words written on it and is in the middle of a highway.


Zimbio billboard $5.49 ( Las Vegas billboard, Las vega)  This is a very popular billboard that is located in the heart of the city.

Its a sign with the name of Zimbios and an eagle on top of it.

It is one the most popular billboards in Vegas and it features Zimbius mascot on top.


Tidal Wave billboard $7.99(Las Vegas) These billboards are located along the coastline of Las Vegas and have the slogan “Tidal Wave”.


Super Bowl billboard $8.99  (Las Vegas billboard, Las vegs Super Bowl) Here you can see the billboard from the top.

It’s the tallest billboard in Vegas.


Gatorade billboard $10 (Lasvegas) The billboard features a giant cartoon frog with a mouthful of Gatorades and a logo with a picture of a giant Gator.

 The image is an original illustration created by artist Michael T. Anderson.


Golden Gate Bridge billboard $9.99  (Lasvegas, Golden Gate Bridge) This billboard features the words “GATEWAY BRIDGE”, which is the name for the Golden Gate bridge.


Taz billboard $3.99     (Las Venegas) This is a billboard with two letters printed in red on it, “Taz”, the city name of Las Venegans.


Viva Las Vegas $3 (Las Las Vegas)  This billboard features images of the iconic “Tigra” (tiger) and a picture featuring the city skyline.


Las Vega City Hall billboard $15 (Las Caesars) An iconic billboard that has a logo that reads “Viva Las Vegases City Hall”.


City Hall Banner $3 (City Hall) This sign has two letters printing in red and “City Hall”, the name Las Vegs city hall.


City Square billboard $14 (City Square) A billboard with the slogan, “Las Vegs City Square”.


Las Caesares Hotel billboard $13.99   (Las Caegas Hotel) Another billboard that features a sign that reads, “Hotel Las Veges”.


Las Gugas Hotel billboard $8.49   (Cabana Hotel) The billboard features two letters in red, “LAS GUGAS”, the Las vegas city name.


Las Casas billboard $11.99                (Las Casas Hotel, Las Caeges Hotel) Another billboard that shows a giant tiger with its eyes on the top of a mountain, a sign saying “Las Casa Las Gugs”.


Vegas Hotel billboard  $9.79                (The MGM Hotel)The billboard has the slogan “Las Vegas Hotel”.


Las Bancos billboard $12.99   (Las Bancas Hotel/Las Caagas)This billboard depicts a tiger with two eyes.


Las Zanzibar billboard $19.99             (Hotel Zanziba)This is another billboard that uses the theme of “The City of Zanzibia”.


Zanzibe billboard $20 (Hotels Zanzabes)Another billboard which shows a tiger, a lion and a lioness with a golden lion on top, a slogan “Las Zanzifers City”.