Apple’s advertising revenue has dropped by an astonishing 27% since the company announced its new wireless earphones, and it now appears that its music subscription service, Beats Music, has also seen its ad revenue decline.

While the company has not disclosed the exact numbers, Billboard’s Kara Swisher reports that it has been cutting out ads for nearly two months and is now only offering free music streaming through the Apple Music app on Apple TV.

The same thing applies to the Apple Watch, which is now limited to paying subscribers.

As of now, Apple’s Beats Music service costs $9.99 a month, and is available to anyone who subscribes to Apple’s iTunes store.

However, Spotify and Pandora’s subscription streaming service is also available to paying customers, as well as to the iTunes store and the Beats Music app.

According to Swisher, Apple has now cut out all ads on the Beats music service, and only has ads showing up when users visit the Beats homepage.

Apple Music has also been making a lot of changes to its service.

As Swisher writes, the company is reducing the number of songs that users can buy on the service, limiting its user-generated content and limiting its monthly price.

Apple is also making changes to the way it displays music on the new Beats headphones.

While the company previously only showed the artist’s name on the side of the headphones, Swisher notes that the company now uses a “song graph” instead, which shows all of the artists currently on the music service.

Apple has also added a new button to the Beats headphones, which Swisher says will allow users to listen to the music on Spotify and the Apple TV without having to tap through the Beats app.

The music subscription music service is only available for paying subscribers, and the price is $99.99.

Spotify and Apple are still offering free unlimited music streaming to all users on their devices.