Posted November 14, 2018 12:01:14While buying a billboard may seem like a simple way to make a little money, it can be very lucrative for many businesses.

“I think it is just a fun activity,” said Alexander Shunnarah, an artist and business owner who owns the billboard company Wap.

Shunnarah said he’s seen many billboard projects in the past year that were just as successful or more successful than others.

He said it’s important to look beyond the usual marketing strategies to see what can be done with a billboard.

“There are lots of things that people do on the internet, but the real marketing is with the person that’s buying the billboard,” Shunnah said.

“It’s not about the image of a brand on the billboard.

It’s about what’s going to happen in their life.”

Shunnah was inspired to do the billboard after a group of friends decided to make their own billboard for the Columbus Day parade.

He was able to rent a billboard at the intersection of Broadway and Broadway, in Columbus.

He had a friend who had a billboard in the city for the same reason, and both had great success.

“We did a lot of research and we saw a lot more people on Facebook than we had anticipated,” Shinnarah said.

Shinnarah used the advertising dollars to buy billboards on the city streets.

He also hired a full-time advertising agent to work with him to get the message out about his business.

Shannarah has sold billboard advertising in the Columbus area, but it’s mostly in the north end of the city, near the Columbus Zoo and the University of Columbus campus.

He’s had a few billboards for sale on the side of the road, but he said he’ll never sell them again.

“If I had a dime for every time I’ve been able to get a billboard out, I would be a millionaire by now,” Shannarah said, adding that he also recently had a large billboard that he wanted to put up on the front lawn of his business, which has a large display.

Shanna Shannagh, a freelance graphic designer from Columbus, says it’s easy to get started on a website, but she said it takes some time to really build a business.

She also said that some people don’t know the difference between a billboard and a banner and that they should think carefully before buying a banner.

“You should just make sure you have some idea of what you’re looking at, and if you’re going to pay for it, you should have some knowledge of the business,” Shanna Shannaagh said.

She said if a person doesn’t know what a billboard is, they should not be purchasing a billboard or advertising.

Shannon Shannahan said he started his business with just a couple of friends.

He says he’s sold more than 30 billboards and has a full staff of 15 people.

“One of the things that I really wanted to do with this is to help people make money.

I think there’s a lot that goes into it, but I think it’s something that can be shared,” Shannon Shannagh said.

Shannah said he sells about 100 billboards a week, but that he only sells to people who live in the region.

“People want to make money off of the signs, but not necessarily from the actual billboard,” he said.

When it comes to buying a website banner, it may take a little more work to do it, Shannannagh said, but a successful website can provide a lot for a small business.

“Most people will go to a website and see what they’re looking for, and then they go to the website and buy it,” Shanniagh said., he said, “If you have a website that can get you some of that traffic, that’s a huge help.”

Shannahan also said he doesn’t sell the billboards on Craigslist.

“I just get them through my website and send them out to people, and I do that all the time,” Sh Annahan said.

For Shannagah, the billboard business is a way to earn money, but also to help out his community.

“They get the business out there.

I’m just trying to help make this thing a success, and a great one,” Shannah said.